Orthodontics and Sports: Mouthguards and Safety Tips

With the thrill of the game and the cheers from the crowd, playing sports is an exhilarating experience. But if you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment, certain precautions are necessary to ensure your teeth and braces’ safety. Davis Family Orthodontics, your trusted partner in orthodontic care located in Lawrenceville, Morrow, Stone Mountain, and Loganville, GA, and spearheaded by Dr. Davis, is here to provide essential guidance on how to maintain your active lifestyle while ensuring your orthodontic progress stays on track.

Brace Yourself for Action: Why Mouth Guards Matter

Your braces represent an investment – not just in terms of money but time, effort, and patience. While pursuing sports, it’s essential to protect this investment.

Mouth guards act as a shield, cushioning any blows or impacts that might otherwise cause injury to the lips, cheeks, and brackets. For those wearing braces, a simple collision or a ball’s hit can lead to broken brackets, displaced wires, or even injury to the oral cavity. This is where mouth guards become an indispensable ally, protecting not only your braces but also ensuring the safety of your mouth.

Types of Mouth Guards: Making the Right Choice

With many choices available, selecting the right mouthguard is paramount. Let’s delve into the options:

  1. Stock Mouth Protectors: These are pre-formed and ready to wear. While they’re the most readily available, their bulky nature may not offer the best protection for someone with braces.
  2. Boil and Bite Mouth Protectors: Made from thermoplastic material, they’re designed to be warmed and then molded to the shape of your mouth. These can offer a better fit than stock variants but may not be ideal for those undergoing orthodontic adjustments.
  3. Custom-made Mouth Protectors: Crafted specifically for your mouth, these are tailored to your orthodontic needs, ensuring the utmost protection. Dr. Davis often recommends this option for patients who are deeply involved in sports, ensuring a snug fit and maximum protection.

Playing it Safe: Additional Tips for the Athletic Orthodontic Patient

Beyond mouth guards, other practices can enhance safety:

  • Regular Orthodontic Check-ups: When actively engaged in sports, there is a heightened risk of unforeseen accidents, which can dislodge or damage braces. Regular orthodontic appointments serve more than just the purpose of checking on the progress of teeth alignment. They are vital for inspecting the integrity of the braces and ensuring that all parts are securely in place. If any component is loose or misaligned, it becomes a potential hazard during physical activity, risking damage to the braces and posing a threat of injury to the mouth. Regular check-ups allow for timely identification and fixing of potential problems, ensuring the mouth is always game-ready.
  • Wearing Helmets: For contact sports or those that pose a risk of head injury, helmets offer an added layer of protection, shielding the entire facial region.
  • Being Aware: Knowing the potential risks in your chosen sport can help you take proactive measures. For instance, being wary of elbows during rebounds can be a game-changer if you’re into basketball.
  • Immediate Care: No matter how many precautions one takes, accidents are, unfortunately, part and parcel of sports. In case of a mishap where you feel your braces have been impacted, it’s crucial not to wait. Immediate attention is essential. Davis Family Orthodontics understands the urgency of such situations. Promptly reaching out ensures that any potential damage is quickly assessed. This is not just about the braces but also about any internal injuries that might not be immediately apparent. Addressing these issues promptly helps reduce pain or discomfort and ensures that the overall orthodontic treatment plan remains on track, preventing prolonged treatment durations or complications.

Davis Family Orthodontics: Your Sporting Partner

Embracing an active lifestyle doesn’t mean compromising your orthodontic care. With the right precautions, the two can harmoniously coexist. Dr. Davis believes in holistic care, emphasizing not only the technical aspects of orthodontics but also ensuring that every patient continues to enjoy their passions and hobbies.

At Davis Family Orthodontics, located in the heart of Lawrenceville, Morrow, Stone Mountain, and Loganville, GA, patients are equipped with the knowledge and tools to strike the perfect balance between sports and orthodontic care. This commitment ensures that while you’re scoring goals, making baskets, or crossing the finish line, your smile’s progress remains unhindered.

Balance is the Key

In the world of orthodontics and sports, it’s all about balance. With the proper protective measures, guidance from seasoned professionals like Dr. Davis, and a commitment to safety, your athletic pursuits and orthodontic journey can move forward hand in hand. So, lace up those shoes, wear that mouth guard, and dive into the game with confidence, knowing that your orthodontic health is in safe hands.


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