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Woodhaven Downs Orthodontics for Children

Kids Orthodontics in Woodhaven Downs

Woodhaven Downs Orthodontics for Children

Woodhaven Downs Orthodontics for Children

Waiting until adolescence to address your child’s possible orthodontic needs is a recipe for more complex treatments, greater cost, and more time for your child wearing braces. Those results are common when you’re not proactive. At Davis Family Orthodontics, an evaluation by age 7 is recommended for all children, and earlier than that if there are reasons to be concerned.

You may be able to recognize certain obvious issues with your child’s teeth alignment and jaw development. Be aware of thumb or finger sucking, early loss of baby teeth or baby teeth staying in too late, mouth breathing, jaws clicking or popping when they open and close, teeth that don’t meet properly, and jaws and teeth not being in the right proportion to the rest of the face. But what about those problems that are occurring behind the scenes? This is exactly why you should bring her or him in for an evaluation to determine if our Woodhaven Downs orthodontics for children is applicable. If not, then it will only be necessary to keep an eye on things for any potential difficulties that arise in the future. For those who are in need of our Woodhaven Downs orthodontics for children, early treatment with braces, or what’s sometimes called phase I treatment, will commence. Each child’s needs and requirements will be unique, so he or she might need space maintainers to keep room for teeth that are yet to erupt, or active guidance in jaw growth. Our kids orthodontist will discuss the recommendations with you, including the pros and cons. You, of course, will be the final decision maker when it comes to choosing what, if any, treatment your child receives.

While it’s on your mind, contact our office and schedule an appointment so that your child can be assessed regarding our Woodhaven Downs orthodontics.

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