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Braces for Kids in Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain Orthodontics 

Stone Mountain Orthodontics

When people think of braces, they tend to think of teenagers. Though teenagers tend to be the preferred demographic for this treatment, children and adults can wear braces as well. Adults may want to improve the appearance of their smile later in life, whereas children are prescribed braces if there is a medical need. Here at Davis Family Orthodontics we can provide children and young kids with Stone Mountain orthodontics that can help to improve their dental health in the present as well as the future.

Braces tend to be prescribed for teenagers because they are still growing but their permanent teeth have generally all come in already. Children are not always prescribed with braces or other orthodontic tools because their baby teeth may fall out and other changes may occur in terms of their overall dental development. But severe malocclusions and other complex dental problems can make themselves obvious early on, and depending on the severity of the condition, early action may be best. This is where pediatric braces or interceptive orthodontics may be needed. Here at Davis Family Orthodontics, our pediatric orthodontist can provide children with comprehensive examinations and determine whether they need any early care. If your child needs braces, we can get started right away and provide them with the Stone Mountain orthodontics they need. We are even offering a special on braces to make the process more affordable. Right now, we are offering braces for only $109 per month with 0% financing available, no down payment, and a free consultation included.

If a child needs orthodontic care, it is likely to minimize the amount of oral surgery they may need later on in life. Here at Davis Family Orthodontics, we can provide patients of all ages with the Stone Mountain orthodontics that they need. If you need to get braces for your child, or believe that you may have to, visit us today for a free consultation and take advantage of our current deal to ensure that your child has excellent dental health for years to come.

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