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Are you thinking about having your teeth straightened so that you have the smile you have always wanted? Or is it time to start looking into orthodontic work for your child? If so, you will want to visit us at Davis Family Orthodontics. We offer many orthodontic procedures for both children and adults. Many adults who never had braces as a child are interested in learning more about Stone Mountain Invisalign treatment as a way to straighten their teeth.

At our practice, Davis Family Orthodontics, many adults come to us to learn more about Stone Mountain Invisalign, a virtually invisible way to have your teeth straightened. Our expert and highly trained orthodontist in our practice is Dr. Laura Davis. Dr. Davis and our entire staff strive to provide the best possible care and treatment for our patients. The Invisalign teeth straightening system is a great way to have your smile corrected without others knowing you are having it done. The system uses custom-made clear plastic aligners that are worn sequentially. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks. Teeth are gently moved into their proper place, and then the next aligner is used until treatment is complete. People who use Invisalign are able to attend work functions and social gatherings without anyone ever knowing that they are having their teeth straightened. Patients also enjoy the fact that they can eat absolutely anything they want during treatment since Invisalign aligners are removed for eating. There is no need to worry about food getting stuck in brackets or wires as with traditional braces.

Another advantage of Stone Mountain Invisalign tooth straightening is that you remove the aligner for daily brushing and flossing. This means that your teeth will remain perfectly clean during treatment and you will never run into any dental hygiene problems as can sometimes occur with traditional bracket braces. Aside from being able to wear Invisalign aligners without anyone noticing them, it is also good to wear Invisalign because the aligners do not cause any mouth irritation the way metal braces can. Additionally, there is less time needed to sit in our dentist’s chair for adjustments. The Invisalign tooth straightening system cannot be used to correct all orthodontic dental problems, but it can be used in many cases. If you would like to meet with Dr. Davis and see if it is the right orthodontic treatment for you, contact our office to make an appointment. Dr. Davis will be happy to assess your individual orthodontic needs; and in any event she will be able to help you attain the smile of your dreams.

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