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Rockbridge Orthodontic Office

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Rockbridge orthodontic office

Rockbridge orthodontic office

At Davis Family Orthodontics our Rockbridge orthodontic office has 4 locations: one in Lawrenceville, GA, one in Stone Mountain and one in Morrow, and lastly, one in Loganville. Give the gift of a beautiful smile to one of your friends and family members with our special. Right now, patients can get a free orthodontic consultation and braces for as low as $109 a month. This includes 0% financing and no down payment. Call today for an evaluation or to get more info about this great special.

We treat crossbites, overbites and open bites. A crossbite can be corrected with braces. It’s important to get this and other orthodontic issues taken care of as soon as possible to avoid future complications. Correction of these and other bite problems should be done to reduce improper functioning of teeth and to reduce wear on certain areas of the teeth. Most issues can be corrected with orthodontics. Our Rockbridge orthodontic office is well known for providing the area with the best in orthodontic and dentistry services.

Ask about our different types we carry at our Rockbridge orthodontic office which includes Invisalign, clear braces and traditional braces. Invisalign is a type of invisible aligner used to straighten teeth over time, just like regular traditional orthodontics. Clear braces are a type of orthodontics that use fixtures so they are less visible. Traditional adult orthodontics use brackets, metal spacers and arch wires to straighten teeth over a period of time. To schedule a consultation call us today so that one of our staff members can set up an appointment. We urge patients to come in at least once a year for an oral exam and teeth cleaning, which can help ward off plaque and tartar buildup. All of our exams are done in a relaxed, professional atmosphere.

5370 Highway 78 • Suite 140
Stone Mountain, GA 30087
(770) 400-9949

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