Pediatric Braces in Loganville

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Pediatric Braces in Loganville

Pediatric Braces in Loganville

Are you looking for a great kids’ orthodontist, who will be able to provide braces for kids? Today many adults are regretting not having braces as a child. If you do not want your child to go through the same regret as an adult, you should bring your child to Davis Family Orthodontics. At our practice we will be able to provide your child with pediatric braces in Loganville.

Our expert orthodontist provides many youngsters with pediatric braces in Logan. Our highly-trained and well-liked orthodontist is Dr. Laura Davis. Our practice has state-of-the-art equipment and a professional and caring staff. We make sure that everyone feels comfortable at our office, so that they will look forward to their periodic visits with Dr. Davis. When your child needs pediatric braces in Loganville, we recommend that you make an appointment to bring your child to our practice for a thorough evaluation. Our orthodontist will then be able to make recommendations about the treatment type and time frame that your child’s own orthodontic situation calls for. At that point you will also be able to learn about the full range of orthodontic options that we can offer to your child.

At our practice we are happy to be able to provide orthodontic help for patients of all ages. We enjoy working with all of our patients to help them get beautiful smiles to last a lifetime — including those who come to us to get pediatric braces in Loganville. We offer many different types of braces options for our patients, young and old. Many of our younger patients use the traditional metal braces. However, these braces now have a modern twist. To begin with, the metal braces now have much smaller brackets so that they are more comfortable and more aesthetically appealing. Our metal braces wearers are also able to get elastics for their braces that come in a variety of different colors. Our kids love to personalize their braces with their own favorite colors, and then show them to their friends. Braces are no longer something kids are embarrassed of, or want to hide — they can be colorful and fun! The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children have their first visit with an orthodontist no later than age 7. If you would like to make an appointment for your child to see our expert orthodontist, Dr. Davis, simply contact our office today.

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