Orthodontic Treatment in Morrow

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Orthodontic treatment in Morrow

Orthodontic treatment in Morrow

Not every smile is perfect, in fact each one is unique. But sometimes imperfect smiles can be bad for your overall dental health. Crooked teeth can be difficult to clean properly and can put you at risk for tooth decay and gum disease. A misaligned bite can cause a significant amount of strain and cause dental issues over time. These are the main reasons why orthodontic methods are put into use, and we here at Davis Family Orthodontics can provide patients with the orthodontic treatment in Morrow necessary to fix all kind of oral health problems. If you are interested in braces or even Invisalign, we here at Davis Family Orthodontics can help.

In order to adjust the positioning of your teeth and their supporting structures, braces are used in some shape or form in order to gently guide them into a healthier formation. Braces and other devices such as spacers, retainers and expanders implement physics to move various aspects of the build of your mouth slowly over time in order to accommodate a healthier smile. When it comes to braces here at Davis Family Orthodontics we offer several different options to our patients for them to choose from, depending on what they are eligible for however. Traditional braces are the most widely used. Traditional braces use metal brackets and wires to guide teeth. A bracket is affixed to the outside surface of each tooth and each row of braces is then connected by a wire that is threaded through each one of them. The wire keeps the teeth in place, and as the wire is adjusted and shortened, the brackets will move along with it, guiding the teeth into a straighter formation. Invisalign also moves your teeth over time, but uses clear aligner trays instead that can easily be removed at mealtimes and when you brush. When it comes to orthodontic treatment in Morrow, we have a variety of options for you to choose from depending on the severity of your malocclusion.

If you are looking for braces, then you will want to consider getting orthodontic treatment in Morrow. Call us here at Davis Family Orthodontics to learn more about what options we provide and to schedule your appointment with our orthodontist today.

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