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Morrow pediatric orthodontist

Today interceptive orthodontics is becoming a widely accepted and welcomed orthodontic practice. An orthodontist can often see orthodontic problems emerging in young patients. In the past, younger kids did not receive any orthodontic screenings until they were in their teens. However, now many orthodontists offer Phase I orthodontic treatment for their youngest patients. This service is provided by our Morrow pediatric orthodontist at Davis Family Orthodontics.

Many dentists will now recommend that their young patients see an orthodontist for an orthodontic screening and possible Phase One interceptive orthodontics work. Our Morrow pediatric orthodontist will generally provide this type of care for patients aged from about six to eleven. Early orthodontic treatment for kids is very helpful in two ways. First of all, early orthodontic treatment will generally lessen the need for more advanced treatment as the child gets older. This often results not only in happier teens but happier parents as well – orthodontic bills are often much less as a result. Also when young patients receive Phase One orthodontic work they need to have fewer teeth extractions when they are having Phase Two orthodontic care.

Dr. Davis, our Morrow pediatric orthodontist, believes that the optimal time to begin treatment is early on at the first sign of orthodontic problems. She recommends that the first orthodontic evaluation should occur no later than age 7. This will help her to anticipate the best time for the child to begin treatment. It will also ensure that the optimal starting treatment time does not pass before treatment begins. Early evaluation can also open the door for the most effective orthodontic treatment. The goal of interceptive orthodontics is always to avoid needing more extensive orthodontic work at a later date because the window of opportunity for less-involved treatment has passed. Interceptive treatment is very effective for: making room for crowded or erupting teeth; creating facial symmetry by influencing proper jaw growth; reducing risk of trauma to protruding front teeth; preserving space for teeth that have still not erupted; reducing the need for tooth removal; and ultimately reducing treatment time with braces. If you would like for your child to be seen by our highly-trained and friendly orthodontist, contact our office for an appointment.

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