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Davis Family Orthodontics uses equipped with the latest dental equipment and technology, including lasers and digital radiographs, and our dentist is experienced with all the latest techniques in general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry. For instance, if a patient is looking for Morrow orthodontics our practice can help straighten their smile using the latest innovations in adult orthodontics.

Malocclusion, a bad bite, is both a cosmetic problem and a dental health problem. Patients may feel self-conscious about the way their teeth and smile look but the malocclusion frequently is associated with an uneven bite, or crowded teeth. Even if the patient is not concerned about the aesthetic reason for bite correction it should be undertaken to correct and prevent further dental health problems. Morrow Orthodontics are used to slowly move our patients’ teeth to their proper positions. Our practice utilizes many different techniques to accomplish the perfect bite depending on the specific problem and the patient’s lifestyle. For some patients our dentist recommends traditional braces and retainers, where brackets are attached to the teeth and wires are then threaded through the brackets. Our doctor will adjust the tension of the wires that will move the teeth over time. Our practice utilizes several different types of braces, some less noticeable than the traditional silver wire type.

The latest in Morrow orthodontics offered by our practice is clear aligners. Instead of wires and brackets This procedure works through the use of a series of clear plastic trays, called aligners. These aligners are custom developed for the patient’s mouth and are each worn for several weeks in succession. Each aligner gently pushes the teeth a little bit further towards the desired position. Aligners have two major advantages over traditional braces for many of our patients; first they are virtually invisible, so nobody knows you are wearing them. Second, the aligners can be taken out of the patient’s mouth for eating or teeth brushing, making dental hygiene much easier. Aligners are a good choice for adults and some teenage patients, depending upon their individual orthodontic problem. If your bite concerns you please visit our office for a consultation with our dentist.

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