Kids Orthodontics in Loganville

Early orthodontic treatment in Loganville

Kids orthodontics in Loganville

Kids orthodontics in Loganville

If you have a child between the ages of seven and eleven, he or she may be able to get orthodontic care which will greatly reduce the amount of orthodontic treatment needed when he or she reaches 13 years. This type of early orthodontic care is often referred to as Phase 1 orthodontic care, or interceptive orthodontic care. It is now a generally recognized fact that early interceptive treatment is the best way for our young patients to have orthodontic care in many different situations. Not only is this type of orthodontic care more cost-effective, but it also usually means that your child will need less orthodontic care later on, and that fewer teeth extractions will need to be performed when they do have this orthodontic treatment. If you are looking for a top-notch kids’ orthodontist who can provide your child with kids orthodontics in Loganville, you will want to come to our practice, Davis Family Orthodontics.

Our expert orthodontist, Dr. Laura C. Davis, has been providing exemplary early orthodontic treatment for many years. It is now recommended by The American Association of Orthodontists that your child sees a dentist who practices kids orthodontics in Loganville at the earliest sign of orthodontic problems, or no later than age seven. Even though a child is not likely to get braces at this early age, it is important that a complete examination can be performed so that the best time to start early care can be determined.

When a child has early kids orthodontics in Loganville, the more likely it is that your child will be able to receive effective and successful preventive treatment. Early orthodontic care can prevent many different types of serious problems from developing later on. If no treatment is immediately necessary, our orthodontist will still be able to carefully monitor your child’s orthodontic situation so that treatment can begin at the very best time. When your child has interceptive orthodontic care these orthodontic solutions can be achieved: room can be created for crowded teeth; facial symmetry can be achieved by influencing jaw growth; risk for trauma can be reduced to protruding front teeth; space can be saved for yet-to-erupt teeth; tooth removal needs can be reduced; treatment time for braces can be reduced. For an appointment for your child to meet with our top-notch orthodontist, contact us today.

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