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Kids Braces in Loganville

Kids Braces in Loganville

If you are looking for a top-notch orthodontist who can provide you or your child with excellent orthodontic care, you will want to visit us at Davis Family Orthodontics. Our expert orthodontist, Dr. Laura Davis, can provide kids braces in Loganville which will give your child a beautiful, healthy, and long-lasting smile.

Our practice specializes in orthodontics which is the branch of dentistry that corrects problems with the teeth and bite. Our orthodontist can use kids braces in Loganville, retainers, and other dental appliances to correct any bite problems or dentofacial abnormalities. Today it is recommended that children have their first visit with our orthodontists around age seven. Our orthodontist will be able to identify any orthodontic problems that may be developing in your child’s mouth early on, and provide interceptive orthodontic care if necessary. Orthodontic appliances can be used to influence the development of the growth of your child’s jaw so that the jaw will be able to accommodate all teeth as your child gets older. When your child is ready to wear kids braces, our orthodontist can provide your child with different types of kids braces in Loganville. Our orthodontist will let you know which type of treatment options should work best for your child so that he or she can have a beautiful and healthy smile. Today there are many different types of braces available. We offer traditional metal braces, however, you will be happy to know that today’s metal braces are quite different than the metal braces of years ago; the tooth brackets are much smaller and smoother so that your child will have a more comfortable orthodontic experience. In addition, your child’s smile will not look as obstructed with the new smaller metal braces. We also offer clear braces, as well as braces in a variety of colors and different materials. We also offer colorful bands to go with your child’s braces.

For an appointment for your child to meet with our orthodontist regarding getting kids braces in Loganville, simply contact us today.

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