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Dacula orthodontist

Dacula orthodontist

Each and every smile is unique, though sometimes imperfections in the way that tees are formed or the way that bites come together can have a negative effect on a person’s overall dental health. In the event that you need to correct the formation of your bite or the alignment of your teeth, you will need to undergo some sort of orthodontic treatment. Luckily, there are many options available for people who are looking to undergo exactly this sort of the dental treatment. If you happen to be interested in seeing a Dacula orthodontist, then we here at Davis Family Orthodontics can help provide you with the care that you need, and we may even be able to provide you with Invisalign orthodontics.

When people think of orthodontic treatment they tend to think of traditional metal braces. Traditional metal braces happen to be the most commonly prescribed type of orthodontic treatment out there, so if you consider this treatment then you are certainly not alone and you have good cause to do so. The reason why traditional metal braces are the most often we prescribed is because they are the most affordable and they are also the most versatile. They can help treat mild as well as most severe malocclusions and bite problems. But for people who do not have as severe issues with the formation of their bite or the alignment of their teeth, then there are other options available, especially ones that are more subtle in appearance. Invisalign clear braces is a really popular option for people who would rather not wear braces at all. This method of orthodontic treatment does not use brackets or wires, and instead uses aligner trays that are made of clear plastic. These trays are virtually invisible when they are worn, and our Dacula orthodontist will have you fitted for a new set of trays once every two weeks in order to help facilitate the movement of your teeth over the period of your treatment. This method is best recommended for older adults who may feel uncomfortable with wearing braces because they tend to be associated with younger kids and teens, as well as anyone who may be eligible for the procedure. Aside from their subtle appearance, Invisalign braces are also incredibly easy to take care of. You have the freedom to remove your aligner trays during meal times in order to avoid getting food caught in your braces and you can also take them out when you are brushing see you do not have to adjust your oral hygiene routine during the course of your treatment.

Many people tend to explore this option if they are interested in having a more subtle orthodontic appearance. Many people May be concerned with the way that their smile looks but they may also be concerned with the way that they will look with braces on. This is why invisible braces are as popular as they are, and our Dacula orthodontist here at Davis Family Orthodontics may be able to provide you with the invisible braces that you want and need in order to get the smile of your dreams.

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