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Clear braces Riverdale

Clear braces Riverdale

If you have a malocclusion, you should see an experienced orthodontist like ours at Davis Family Orthodontics discuss your available treatment options. The good news is, there is more than one potential treatment option available to straighten your teeth. Traditional and Clear braces Riverdale are the two main choices.

Clear braces Riverdale and traditional braces are both effective ways of correcting a malocclusion. They both have advantages and disadvantages. What works for another patient may not necessarily be the best choice for you. The decision needs to be made between you and your orthodontist. Your orthodontist will be able to make appropriate recommendations for you after you have a consultation and a complete evaluation. The recommendations will not just be based on your orthodontic needs. Your personal situation and personal preference will need to be considered as well. If cost is your top priority and you don’t mind the look or feel of metal braces, they might be your best option because clear braces are more expensive. They also require more trips to your orthodontist’s office. If you don’t mind the extra visits and can afford clear braces, they do have a lot of other advantages over traditional ones. Clear braces offer aesthetic benefits. Since they are virtually invisible, they are more attractive than traditional metal braces. Since they don’t contain wires, they are much more comfortable. They’re made of a plastic aligner that is removable. This enables you to take them out before eating and brushing your teeth. Unlike traditional metal braces, food does not get stuck in clear braces because they are removed before eating. This enables you to enjoy eating just as you did before getting them.

If you’re interested in learning more about clear braces Riverdale, you should consult with our expert dentist. Contact Davis Family Orthodontics today to schedule your appointment.

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