Early Orthodontic Treatment

Braces in Loganville

Early Orthodontic Treatment in Loganville


Braces in Loganville

Braces in Loganville

Braces in Loganville should be put on as early as possible in order to make sure that patients get the best results. Early treatment can ensure a better result and less time and expense later on. Pediatric braces help get your child’s malocclusions treated early enough before the teeth start changing. Orthodontic treatment is the practice of aligning teeth or problems with the bite. At Davis Family Orthodontics we provide patients with all types of braces, including for both children and teenagers.

Early orthodontic treatment helps our dentist visualize the orthodontics process first before the braces are put on. Many children are too young to have braces put on, yet need some form of orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics are used to treat malocclusions, a bad bite, crowded teeth or crooked teeth. Crooked teeth should be straightened because they are harder to keep clean and can cause cavities. With early orthodontic treatment for braces in Loganville, we can detect problems early on in the game before it gets too late and the patient has problems that may be costly. It can help to prevent these kinds of problems later on.

Early orthodontic treatment for Braces in Loganville can help to create room in a crowded mouth so other teeth can erupt, create facial symmetry and influence jaw growth and reduce the risk of trauma to front teeth that may be protruding. It also helps to preserve space for unerupted teeth and reduce the treatment time for braces later on. We first have patients come in for a full exam, because the teeth and gums should be healthy and in good shape before we recommend the right kind of braces. Bad bites that are not treated quickly enough can cause more damage and future expensive dental bills, so children should have their first orthodontic exam as early as possible.

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