Best Orthodontist in Lawrenceville

Orthodontist in Lawrenceville

Best orthodontist in Lawrenceville

Best orthodontist in Lawrenceville

If you will soon be getting braces for your child, you will want to bring him or her to visit our top-notch orthodontist, Dr. Laura C. Davis at Davis Family Orthodontics. Our best orthodontist in Lawrenceville will provide your child with expert orthodontic care; life with braces will be different, but it can be a comfortable and exciting experience.

When you first get braces, you will need to leave a day or so for the bands to completely adhere to the teeth. You will want to wait several hours after getting braces before you begin to eat solid foods. Some of our patients even choose to eat soft foods for the first few days while they become used to the new braces. For some patients, braces can feel a little awkward at first; teeth may even be tender or sensitive to pressure. Our best orthodontist in Lawrenceville will most likely advise you that this is no cause for concern, and that this feeling will go away in a few days, at most. Some patients benefit from taking over-the-counter pain relievers during this time. Since the braces are attached to your teeth with adhesive, you should avoid certain foods. In addition, wires can also become bent or broken without proper care. In order to have a good experience with the braces, you will want to avoid foods that are hard, sticky, or chewy. You will also want to avoid any foods or drinks that are known to cause cavities, since it may be more difficult to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth when you wear braces. However, proper dental hygiene is more important than ever when you wear braces. Foods to avoid include: gum; beef jerky; corn chips; nuts; hard taco shells; whole apples; celery; popcorn; candy bar; and taffy. When you take good care of your braces at home, it will help ensure that you will need fewer visits with our orthodontist which will shorten treatment.

For an appointment to meet with our best orthodontist in Lawrenceville, call our office today for an appointment.

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