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The type of focused, expert care that you get here at Davis Family Orthodontics assures you of the most effective results possible when it comes to straightening your teeth. The same goes for your child, whether he or she is a teenager or is still in first or second grade. Properly positioned teeth is an outcome within everyone’s reach.

Metal braces are familiar to most people, but the ones offered today are more advanced than the old-fashioned ones. They still do the same excellent job of realigning teeth, but they do so while reducing the weight of the appliance and having them look more attractive and stylish. That’s a big plus for many patients who are concerned about how they are going to look when they are wearing braces. Taking this idea a step further, you may decide to opt for Invisalign from our Willow Wind orthodontist. It’s a system of clear plastic aligners that are virtually impossible to see when they’re on your teeth. In addition, they are comfortable. Plastic does not cause soreness or irritation, while metal may. Invisalign is removable. Whether or not that is a plus depends on your preferences. Some people like being able to take out their aligners so that they can eat any food they want, without having to observe restrictions like with metal braces. Your aligners also come out when you brush and floss. Metal braces stay in a fixed position, but you may prefer that to having to take your braces out and put them back in several times per day. By age 7, every child should come in to see our Willow Wind orthodontist for an evaluation as to whether she or he can benefit from braces. Phase I treatment occurs at that early age, while phase II begins around the teen years.

Contact our office to set up an appointment to see our Willow Wind orthodontist for a consultation for you or your child.

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