Willow Wind Invisalign

Candidacy for Invisalign in Willow Wind

Willow Wind Invisalign

Willow Wind Invisalign

For the most part, the majority of people should be considered eligible for getting Invisalign, the alternative to traditional metal braces, here at Davis Family Orthodontics. But there are some aspects to them that may make them unsuitable for some. We want you to have the type of treatment that is most geared toward your needs and preferences.

Invisalign is a system of aligners. It does the same job as braces, even if it doesn’t look at all like them. As a matter of fact, to the eyes of anyone seeing you, they don’t look like anything at all. Clear plastic construction renders them invisible. That’s probably the most cited reason why people seek out our Willow Wind Invisalign. Another is the fact that the aligners are comfortable. There is no risk of irritation or soreness from the friction of plastic against your mouth. And the third major plus is being able to remove them. Take them out when you eat, and also when you brush and floss. You won’t have to observe any food restrictions like with metal braces. But it’s exactly that features that may serve as a negative for some patients. If you might be tempted to leave your aligners out instead of wearing them, or you don’t want to concern yourself with taking them out and possibly misplacing or harming them, then perhaps you would be better off with something other than our Willow Wind Invisalign. There are certain types of teeth and jaw alignment challenges that don’t match up well with this form of treatment, too. And It’s best for adults and older teens, not younger teens or kids.

How do you know for sure if you are a good candidate for our Willow Wind Invisalign? Simply book an appointment to come in for a consultation and examination.

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