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When many people think of orthodontics, the first thing that typically comes to mind is that’s for adolescents. And while we at David Family Orthodontics certainly do provide that kind of care for teens, there are distinct benefits that can be had for younger children as well as our orthodontic treatments for adults. You’re never too old to have straighter, better-looking teeth.

Sure, our Stone Mountain orthodontist will give you a cosmetic edge with the appropriate orthodontic care, but there are very important practical reasons for seeking it out, too. For one thing, maintaining a mouth full of strong, cavity-free teeth and vibrant, healthy gums is supported with properly aligned teeth. Crooked teeth can be considerably more challenging to floss between effectively, meaning that plaque has a greater opportunity to do its dirty work in eroding tooth enamel and irritating, inflaming, and infecting your gums. Eventual loss of essential gum and bone tissue, headaches, and jaw pain may also result from not getting the necessary treatment from our Stone Mountain orthodontist. There is definitely good news, though, when it comes to some assumptions that people have about orthodontic treatments for adults. For one thing, advancements in the field have led to shorter treatment times. Before you embark on the journey to straighter teeth, you will be given a loose timeframe of about how long it should take based on your individual circumstances. And if you’re holding back because you’re self-conscious about wearing clunky, unattractive braces, you should know that today’s metal braces are more streamlined, lightweight, and even fashionable. We also have other options for you, including Invisalign, which is a set of clear aligners that does the same job as braces, except that they are virtually invisible.

You can enjoy improved health and an improved appearance with the adult orthodontic care that is offered by our Stone Mountain orthodontist. So call our office today and let us schedule a consultation for you.

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