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Stone Mountain Kids Braces

Stone Mountain Kids Braces

If you are looking for a top-notch kids orthodontist two will be able to provide your child with braces, you will want to come and see us at our practice, Davis Family Orthodontics. At our practice, both children and adults can receive orthodontic care. When it is time to bring your child in for Stone Mountain kids braces, we hope you will choose to see us at our welcoming orthodontic practice.

At Davis Family Orthodontics, our expert and highly trained adult and kids orthodontist is Dr. Laura C. Davis. When your child comes into our orthodontic practice, our kids orthodontist will thoroughly evaluate your child’s bite and jaw situation. After a thorough review, our orthodontist will then be able to recommend the types of treatment options that can be performed, as well as explain to you the type of bite occlusion that needs to be corrected. At our practice we offer many different types of braces treatment for kids, including traditional metal braces, and tooth-colored porcelain braces. We also offer treatment with Invisalign, if it is determined that your child will be a good candidate for this type of treatment; Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners instead of Stone Mountain kids braces with brackets and wires.

Using braces, retainers, and other appliances, our orthodontist will be able to provide your child with a beautiful, healthy, and long-lasting smile. Our orthodontist will not only make sure that the final smile will be aesthetically pleasing, but also that it will work well with your child’s face and oral structure. Today, many children between the ages of seven and ten receive interceptive orthodontic care. The goal of this care is to reduce the amount of orthodontic care that a child will need in his or her teens, as well as reduce the need for any tooth extractions. It is recommended that a child visits our orthodontist no later than age seven. When you come into our practice, our kids orthodontist and staff will answer all of your questions regarding your child’s recommended orthodontic care. Orthodontic care is not only needed to make a smile more attractive; braces can also correct the alignment of teeth that can lead to gum disease in early tooth loss. Crooked teeth with irregular spacing can make it very difficult for a person to correctly clean their teeth, as well as cause problems with chewing, and even cause headaches. For an appointment for your child to meet with our orthodontist about Stone Mountain kids braces, contact us today.

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