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Snellville Orthodontist

Snellville Orthodontist

At Davis Family Orthodontics, we offer the finest in orthodontic services at all four of our Georgia locations. Our Snellville orthodontist, Dr. Laura Davis, received her doctorate of dental surgery from Georgetown University and is a member of the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontists. We offer orthodontic treatments for all different age groups, from children to adults. The best way to combat future problems is to treat orthodontic problems as early as possible.

Our Snellville orthodontist recommends that the first orthodontic evaluation should occur by age 7 or when the first sign of any problems surface. Braces may not be recommended at this point, but the exam may help Dr. Davis to begin a treatment phase before the problems get worse. The earlier the problems are detected, the better the chances are for fixing them. Early detection helps treatment to be more effective and can prevent future expensive dental bills or serious problems. Interceptive treatments can help our dentist to create more room in the mouth for crowded or erupted teeth, to create facial symmetry by influencing jaw growth, to reduce the risk of trauma to front teeth that protrude, and to preserve space for teeth that have not erupted yet. This reduces the need to have teeth removed and reduces the time needed to have braces on.

Braces are used for both children and adults. As long as the gum and bone structure of the mouth is healthy, our Snellville orthodontist can align the teeth at any age. Even later on in life, orthodontic treatment can really improve one’s appearance by improving gum health and improving the health of your teeth. Crooked teeth and poor bite problems can result in bone or gum loss, wear and tear on the tooth’s enamel, headaches, tooth decay and other problems. Our treatment techniques can help reduce discomfort and decrease the amount of time in the dentists’ chair as well as the frequency of visits scheduled. Some of our orthodontic options offered include invisible braces, traditional metal braces, or transparent aligners that can help improve even the mildest cases of teeth that are misaligned.

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