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Our Rockbridge orthodontist provides a variety of valuable services, beginning with early interceptive treatment for children and up to and including addressing misaligned teeth for teens and adults with either traditional metal braces or Invisalign, the clear, plastic system of aligners that act as an alternative for those who want a more comfortable, and less visible way to straighten their teeth. Here at Davis Family Orthodontics, we’re dedicated to keeping yours and your children’s teeth straight, free of discomfort, and looking great.

Orthodontic treatment is frequently associated with beginning in adolescence, but the truth is that there are tremendous benefits from beginning at a much earlier age. Interceptive orthodontics is an excellent way to get out ahead of issues and concerns so that your child will not need to have more complicated and expensive treatments later on. Our Rockbridge orthodontist recommends being evaluated by the age of seven. As a result, tooth crowding, improper jaw growth, protruding teeth, too much space between teeth, and other problems can be detected and handled more simply and more quickly.

The need for orthodontics is not confined to children and teens, of course. Adults need to have straighter teeth, too. Not only is this important for your cosmetic needs, but when your teeth are crooked, they can cause discomfort, an improper bite, and can make you more prone to tooth decay and gum disease since it is more difficult for you to floss between them effectively. Metal braces have stood the test of time for one very important reason: they work. And if you’re worried about a tangle of wires and criss-crossing brackets, rest assured that those are the braces of the past. Today’s are more aesthetically pleasing, more comfortable, and can even be decorative. Let our Rockbridge orthodontist show you how easy it can be.

And with Invisalign, you can enjoy the advantages of clear, plastic braces that mean you don’t have to make it obvious that you’re having orthodontic treatment. You will wear not just one, but many aligners, during the course of moving your teeth steadily into a more ideal position. Each of your aligners, made right here at our office using advanced 3-D computer technology, serves you for about two weeks and then you move on to the next. And because you can remove them to brush, floss, and eat, your oral hygiene will be more efficient, and you won’t have to restrict yourself from any foods. These are just a few of the exciting things that our Rockbridge orthodontist can offer to you.

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