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Riverdale Braces

Here at Davis Family Orthodontics, we want you to have a choice when it comes to the braces you wear, but at the same time it is essential that we provide only those options that have benefits we are proud to offer. Our Riverdale braces consist of either traditional metal braces or clear ones in the form of Invisalign.

Metal braces have an extremely long history of use. And that’s with good reason, because they work. They may not be right for everyone, but they certainly move your teeth into a more ideal position as prescribed by our orthodontist. Among the pluses are that they can be adjusted to meet your needs at various points during your treatment, and they stay in a fixed position. There is no taking them out and putting them back in to contend with. This may or may not be a benefit for you, but if it is then you’re going to like this choice of our Riverdale braces. Metal braces are also typically less expensive. Invisalign, on the other hand, has a cosmetic edge. You can’t see them, and neither can anyone else. It’s a system of clear plastic aligners that once fitted over your teeth, virtually disappear from view. It makes Invisalign a perfect choice if you’re self-conscious about being seen wearing braces. The plastic construction is also comfortable. And the aligners are removable. If you appreciate being able to eat all your favorite foods without restrictions, then the removable nature of Invisalign is an exciting feature. You also will need fewer trips to our office, because there are no adjustments to Invisalign. You simply wear a new set of aligners every two weeks.

Which of our Riverdale braces is best suited to giving you the results you want and meeting your comfort level? Just contact our office to schedule an appointment for a consultation and examination.

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