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If you think that braces for kids are unnecessary, you might want to think twice. At Davis Family Orthodontics, we want you to know that there are significant benefits to early orthodontic treatment for your child. Instead of waiting until adolescence, your child can be evaluated for our pediatric braces in Morrow. It’s a good idea to do this by age 7. If it turns out that his or her teeth are growing in without any problems and that there are no alignment issues, our kids’ orthodontist can still continue to monitor progress and detect any issues in a timely manner. But if there are reasons to act now, taking this vital step can save a great deal of time, effort, and money on future treatments.

What signs should you be aware of, which may indicate that you should bring your child in to be considered for our pediatric braces in Morrow? Among them are tooth crowding, too much space between her or his teeth, protruding teeth, teeth that are coming in crooked, breathing through the mouth, chewing problems, finger or thumb sucking, misplaced teeth, early loss of baby teeth (or conversely baby teeth that stay in too long), teeth that are blocked out, shifting jaw, clicking or other noises when your child’s jaw moves, or the jaws and teeth being out of proportion with the rest of the face. That’s an extensive list, but you need not notice any of those indications in order to make an appointment. Being proactive has no downside. In addition, your child’s regular dentist may find some concerns that could lead you to call us.

Waiting until your child is a teenager to seek out orthodontic treatment means several years during which the challenges and difficulties that he or she is facing will likely only get more severe. And although no one looks forward to wearing braces at any age, a simpler course of treatment now is far better than a more extensive one later on. And when you consider how awkward teens can feel about their appearance, it’s all the more reason to tackle the issue today, instead of waiting. If she or he can take advantage of our pediatric braces in Morrow, let’s get started.

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