Orthodontist Office 30024

Invisalign braces in 30024

Orthodontist office 30024

Orthodontist office 30024

In order to straighten teeth or correct bite problems, you need braces. Braces come in a variety of types and other orthodontic tools can be used in conjunction with braces in order to rectify certain types of bite problems or meet specific needs. For people who are interested in getting braces for cosmetic reasons, then you may be interested in an option like invisalign braces. Here at our orthodontist office in 30024, Davis Family Orthodontics, our orthodontic specialist can provide you with a preliminary exam that will outline your needs and determine whether something like invisalign braces are right for you.

Invisalign braces are a great option for people who want to straighten their teeth or improve the overall appearance of their smile but are generally wary of getting braces to begin with. Many people feel apprehensive of the way they may look with traditional metal braces, and as a result they may never actually follow up on getting braces for that reason. Luckily, recent technology has allowed orthodontists to develop a new method of straightening teeth that allows patients to do so with subtlety. Invisalign braces do not use brackets or wires to move teeth, but they use clear plastic trays molded to fit over the teeth instead. Each tray is molded to fit specifically over a row of your teeth, the top or the bottom, and the plastic is virtually invisible when worn so hardly anyone will notice your braces. Here at our orthodontist office in 30024, Davis Family Orthodontics, we can perform a full exam that will determine the severity of your case and see whether invisible braces will work for you to meet your needs.

Many people enjoy wearing invisible braces. With invisalign, you can remove your braces while eating and brushing your teeth, and they are extremely easy to take care of. Before you know it, you won’t even need to wear them anymore. To learn more, call our orthodontic office in 30024 to schedule an appointment here at Davis Family Orthodontics today.

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