Orthodontist Near 30017

Orthodontic Retention Near 30017

Orthodontist Near 30017

Orthodontist Near 30017

Davis Family Orthodontics is an orthodontist near 30017 specializing in orthodontics that help people have a better smile every day. Dr. Laura Davis, our orthodontist, has been serving the greater Atlanta area with four different locations and is committed to giving patients the best care possible in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Orthodontic retention is an important part of the treatment phase after getting braces removed. The retention phase helps to keep teeth in place and keep your smile beautiful and even. The phase lasts for at least 6 months and the final result of your orthodontics treatment depends on the retaining phase. Our orthodontist near 30017 recommends removing your retainer for cleaning before brushing, and to brush the retainer with soap and water before putting it back in the mouth. This 6 month phase helps for growth and settling and to keep the teeth and jaws stable. Teeth move over time due to many different circumstances, such as force exerted by lips and tongue and aging. Biting nails may also cause pressure, or habits like chewing on pencils. That’s why it’s important to use retainers after treatment. The only way to maintain the alignment after braces is with permanent or lifetime retention. This may mean wearing a retainer for any number of days per week for the rest of the patient’s lifetime.

Our orthodontist near 30017 recommends coming in for beginning treatment before braces. Initial evaluation should start if there are problems and no later than age 7. Early treatment and evaluation gives us a chance to detect problems early enough to prevent them from getting worse later and turning into a more serious issue. Interceptive treatment can help to create room for crowded teeth, create facial symmetry and reduce the need for tooth removal when it is time for braces.

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