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Orthodontic Evaluation in Stone Mountain

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Orthodontic evaluation in Stone Mountain

Orthodontic evaluation in Stone Mountain

Getting orthodontic care, whether as a teen or an adult, is an important step in both overall oral health and also in having a cosmetically pleasing smile. We at Davis Family Orthodontics know that making the right decision is vital, and that you need to have all the facts. That’s one reason that we’re pleased to offer our orthodontic evaluation in Stone Mountain. And it’s completely FREE. Let our orthodontist determine what your needs are and make the proper recommendations. You will be able to consider your options, both in terms of the type of appliance used, the time frame involved, and the cost. And because we offer 0% financing with no down payments, we have made it affordable and realistic for all of our valued patients.

Orthodontic care has come a long way. Today, you can get metal braces, which are more traditional and familiar to most people; or you can benefit from Invisalign, the system of clear aligners that allows you to experience a more comfortable treatment without anyone else having to know you are wearing anything on your teeth. As part of our free orthodontic evaluation in Stone Mountain, we will gauge the severity of your tooth alignment issues, and that will help point in the right direction in terms of whether metal braces or Invisalign is best, or if you can choose between them equally. Our orthodontist will also be able to estimate how long your treatment is likely to take. You will then be able to make an informed decision that takes into account all of the various factors. For example, if your child is too tempted to take removable braces out, Invisalign may not be good for him or her. Instead, she or he might be better off with metal braces, which cannot be removed.

Our free orthodontic evaluation in Stone Mountain is just another example of our total commitment to you, our valued patient. We work to make it easy for you in every way, including financially. Schedule yours or your child’s evaluation with our office today.

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