Orthodontic Evaluation in Morrow

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Orthodontic Evaluation in Morrow

Orthodontic Evaluation in Morrow

At Davis Family Orthodontics, we provide orthodontic evaluation in Morrow for patients who need braces and tooth alignment. Braces are a great way to straighten teeth and to have healthier, cleaner teeth. For an evaluation and to discuss our latest promotions and affordable dental procedures, call our offices. We offer a free consultation and our patients can take advantage of our latest promotion, which is braces for $109.00 a month.

We also offer 0% financing and no down payment on orthodontic braces. This helps many families who struggle to pay their dental bills on time and who need to use a large chunk of their finances for their dental services. Your orthodontic evaluation in Morrow is free of charge as well. We provide braces for kids as well as adults, and can consult with you as to which type of braces are best for you. We offer traditional braces as well as Invisalign braces. Some patients prefer Invisalign because of their ability to be invisible while in the mouth. Invisalign is done using clear plastic aligners created in our offices. A new set is given to the patient every two weeks, as the teeth are gently aligned. Invisalign takes about the same amount of time to straighten teeth as regular braces do.

Your orthodontic evaluation in Morrow will begin with a comprehensive exam to first check for any oral ailments like gum disease, toothache, or cavities. If there is anything present, we will work to heal that first before starting the orthodontic procedure. Orthodontics promote healthier teeth, because straighter teeth are easier to clean and get into the crevices than crooked or crowded teeth are. To schedule your free orthodontic evaluation, call our offices today for a complete rundown on all you need to do before your new braces are put in.

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