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Wearing braces to straighten a bite was a commitment of time, money and appearing in public with a mouthful of wired brackets. For many people that was not a commitment that they are willing to make. For these people there is an alternative method of straightening teeth. Davis Family Orthodontics offers several different options for Morrow teeth straightening to correct bite problems.

There have been many different types of orthodontic bite adjustment procedures developed over the past few years and our doctor will conduct a complete evaluation of your mouth to determine which Morrow teeth straightening solutions are right for you. Our practice uses 3-D imaging to determine the results of various treatment options; all the details of each applicable option are discussed with you so that you can make an informed decision based on your lifestyle. Traditional metal braces are still the most common type of braces because of their great reliability. Clear ceramic braces are the option that is virtually invisible because no metal or thick plastic wires or brackets are placed on the teeth, these Morrow braces use clear or tooth-colored ceramic brackets and clear plastic arch wires to move teeth.  

Another option is the Invisalign system, which uses clear plastic trays called aligners to gradually push the teeth into the proper position. Invisalign fabricates a custom series of aligners specifically for your treatment. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks and then replaced by the next aligner in the series until all of them have been used and your teeth are straight. Generally, there are 13 – 48 aligners in the series depending on each particular case. Aside from the invisibility aspect of clear Morrow braces, another big advantage that aligners have over traditional braces is that they are removable by the patient. It’s as easy as just taking them out of your mouth. This allows our patients to remove the aligners when they eat and when they brush their teeth. So, if you’ve been thinking of straightening your teeth and correcting an uneven bite make an appointment with our office to see which orthodontic option is right for you.

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