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Orthodontic emergencies in Morrow

Morrow orthodontics

Morrow orthodontics

Orthodontic emergencies need to be taken care of, and with our guidance and help here at Davis Family Orthodontics,Morrow orthodontics you won’t have to worry. We’re here when you need us, which is a big part of our total commitment to you, our valued patient.

One of the most common types of orthodontic emergencies is when your wire or ligature becomes lost, broken, or protrudes. There is a very real danger that your tongue, cheek, or gums could become harmed when this happen. Our Morrow orthodontics office suggests that you use the eraser side of a pencil or a small piece of orthodontic wax to push the wire back where it is supposed to be. Avoid touching the wire directly so that you don’t get cut from the sharp edge. And whatever you do, don’t cut the wire yourself. It could end up with you swallowing the cut piece and leading to an emergency more worrisome than the one you were trying to fix. In the event that you do get cut or scratched by the wire, rinse it warm salt water and use an antiseptic rinse afterward. If you experience any discomfort in general from your orthodontic device, use over-the-counter pain relievers. Should a bracket get knocked off, again use orthodontic wax to cover it so that you don’t have a mouth injury from it. And mouth irritation, which are not unusual with braces, can be managed with orthodontic wax to reduce friction, warm salt water rinses, and pain relief medication. Any time your braces or other appliance becomes damaged, you should come in to get assistance from our Morrow orthodontics office at your earliest convenience.

Keep our number programmed into all your phones (home, office, mobile). You can always depend on our Morrow orthodontics office. We want your experience with treatment to be as free of problems as possible.

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