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If you or your child needs orthodontic work performed, you will do well to visit us at our orthodontic practice, Davis Family Orthodontics. At our practice, we welcome all members of the family, from children who need interceptive orthodontic work to adults. Our orthodontist, Dr. Laura C. Davis, will be able to provide you with a full consultation to determine what type of orthodontic care you will benefit from, and what type of braces may be part of your treatment. Many adults who come to us for Morrow braces are interested in being treated with Invisalign invisible braces.

Patients enjoy being treated with Invisalign because these braces are actually invisible while they are being worn. This is because the Invisalign braces are actually clear plastic aligners which are worn sequentially, one at a time, until the final one is worn. At that point, your smile will be straight and beautiful. Depending on your individual smile situation you will receive anywhere between about 12 and 45 aligners. These aligners are designed by the Invisalign lab using CAD/CAM technology. Each set of aligners is unique to the individual patient. Treatment with Invisalign takes about the same amount of time that treatment with metal braces will take. Patients enjoy the fact that when they are being treated with Invisalign Morrow braces they can attend work and social gatherings without being embarrassed by the fact that they are receiving any type of orthodontic care.

Patients also have other benefits when they use Invisalign invisible braces. They are able to eat anything they want during the entire treatment. This is because the aligners are removed while the patient is eating. The aligners are also removed so that the patient can thoroughly brush and floss their teeth every day. This means that patients generally have healthy teeth when they finish their treatment, even if the treatment has gone over a long period of time. Not everyone can be treated with Invisalign. Our orthodontist will be happy to meet with you and see if you can use this treatment option; it will depend on your smile and the changes that need to be made. If Invisalign treatment is not the best for you, Dr. Davis will definitely be able to tell you about treatment with other types of Morrow braces that will have you smiling in no time!

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