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Loganville pediatric orthodontist

Loganville pediatric orthodontist

Braces are not at all uncommon and these days it is not unusual for children, teens and adults alike to undergo some kind of orthodontic treatment in order to correct a specific dental health concern. But each person is different and will undergo a completely unique treatment depending on their own specific needs. When it comes to orthodontic treatments for kids, there is often a specific reason that calls for early treatment as opposed to waiting until adolescence, which is usually the more ideal case. Here at Davis Family Orthodontics our Loganville pediatric orthodontist offers early evaluations that will help determine whether your child needs early treatments and what sort of dental care that they may need in the future.

For the most part, teenagers are ideal candidates when it comes to prescribing orthodontic treatment. This is because they already have their secondary teeth, otherwise known as permanent teeth, and they are still growing as well so these teeth and their supporting structures can still be guided and molded in such a way that will promote a healthier bite and better overall dental health. In general, it is recommended that all children have an early evaluation completed regarding their bite and teeth formation. Our Loganville pediatric orthodontist can tell whether some children will need braces later on in life, when they are teenagers, and their teeth can then be monitored in the meantime. But in some cases, malocclusions and other bite problems are too severe to wait around for and early treatment may be necessary. Here at Davis Family Orthodontics, our orthodontist can provide children with interceptive orthodontics if they need it. Usually, what interceptive orthodontics does is reduce the amount of work that will need to be done later in order to correct a specific issue, possibly even preventing the need for intensive oral surgery.

Kids may still need braces again when they are teenagers even after undergoing early treatment, but doing so can help to improve the structure of their bite and the formation of their teeth significantly. If you are looking for a Loganville pediatric orthodontist that can provide your child with orthodontic care, or even simply an early evaluation, call us here at Davis Family Orthodontics to learn more or to schedule your visit today.

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