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Lawrenceville orthodontics for children

Orthodontics are no longer just for teenagers as most practitioners are seeing a larger percentage of adult patients and pre-teen patients as well. Lawrenceville orthodontics for children by Davis Family Orthodontics are changing the way young patients in this community are approaching the straightening of their teeth.

Lawrenceville orthodontics for children

Traditionally, a young patient was evaluated for orthodontic treatment for a malocclusion between the ages of 12 -14. By this point the jaw and the palate have already formed and most of the permanent teeth have erupted and are holding a position, which means that any other teeth that are still left to erupt may not have a spot and may need to be pulled. At this point braces would be used to move the teeth to their proper position but would often need the assistance of an orthodontic appliance such as headgear. Often the best results come from a two-phase approach to Lawrenceville orthodontics for children.

Instead of starting the process when the patient is a teenager the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that a child should first be screened for malocclusions at age seven, even before all their permanent teeth have come in. During this phase Lawrenceville orthodontics for children can begin the process of making room for all the teeth and moving teeth that are in the way. Our doctor can enlarge the jaw so that all the teeth will fit. Most of the time a child will not use braces during phase 1 but the path will be cleared for them to use braces more successfully when they reach the normal age for teenage braces in phase 2. The Interceptive Orthodontic techniques result in far less tooth extractions, less use of orthodontic appliances by the teens and often less time using braces. When the teen enters phase 2 they usually use braces, which are traditionally metal brackets placed on the teeth that are connected by metal arch wires. Clear ceramic braces are also available that make it hard to tell that the teen is wearing them. Make an appointment to have your child evaluated by our doctor.

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