Lawrenceville Invisalign

Lawrenceville Invisalign

Lawrenceville Invisalign

The Davis Family Orthodontics practice has been a pillar of the community it serves for over 20 years. Not surprisingly they are the name when it comes to Lawrenceville Invisalign, and so much for you and your dental care needs. When you walk through the doors you know you are in good hands and that you and your family are going to get the care and attention they deserve. What is important to note is that being an orthodontist is closer to an artist than many of us realize. To sculpt your teeth to not only are straight but also aesthetically pleasing is no easy task. No 2 sets of teeth are the same, so no 2 courses of action or outcomes should be employed across cases. What might work for one patient may not look right for others, and they are intimately aware of this fact.

Whether you’re looking for your kids or just want to take care of the gap in your teeth that has bugged you your whole life the Davis Family Orthodontics practice is there for you and can get you the individualized care you and your family need. When you hear the words “Lawrenceville Invisalign” our DFO immediately comes to mind. The reason is because we have the highest level of customer satisfaction of any orthodontist in the area.

When the Davis Family Orthodontics practice started the way braces worked is a lot difference than what we see today. But not to worry, the staff has made learning a life long goal, and ensures that no matter what they are intimately aware of all new age practices and procedures to ensure that you are getting the best care on the planet. The Lawrenceville Invisalign search is over, come to the Davis Family Orthodontics practice and see for yourself why their name precedes them.

875 Lawrenceville Suwanee Road • Suite 410
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
(678) 562-4010

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