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Lake City Orthodontics

Lake City Orthodontics

A protruding bite or crooked teeth can be a troubling condition but luckily a malocclusion can be treated successfully at any age through Lake City orthodontics performed by Dr. Laura David, DDS our practice’s highly trained and experienced orthodontist. Orthodontics uses the laws of physics and gentle pressure to move teeth into their proper position, along with adjustments necessary make room for teeth in a mouth that is too crowded or a jaw that should be extended. The result is an even bite, big smile and a healthy mouth and jaw structure.

Lake City Orthodontics has many different treatment options for both the adult and younger patient. The most common orthodontic treatment is the use of traditional braces that affix metal brackets and arch wires to the front of the teeth. These braces are used by both children and adults with great success. If metal braces are not an acceptable treatment for you our practice also uses clear ceramic braces. These braces use ceramic brackets that are either clear or tooth-colored with clear plastic wires so they are nearly invisible. The ceramic material provides a strong, reliable brace for moving teeth. For younger children there are colored arch wires and brackets that come in different shapes so they can personalize their braces. Orthodontics for children are often broken down into two phases, the early stage called Interceptive is started around age seven and is done to prepare the mouth for the next phase while minimizing extractions and preventing tooth crowding. The second phase usually involves braces but the treatment is now easier and quicker thanks to phase one.

Lake City Orthodontics has an innovative orthodontic system that does not use braces to straighten teeth and correct malocclusions. The Invisalign system uses a series of clear plastic trays, called aligners to straighten teeth. The trays are custom fabricated by Invisalign from a set of 3-D images taken by our practice. Each tray is worn all day for about two weeks before it is replaced by the next tray in the series. There are between 13 -48 trays in the series depending on the individual needs of each patient. Once all the trays have been used the treatment is basically over. Invisalign has two advantages over traditional braces. First, the trays are virtually invisible and no one can tell you are using them. Second, the trays are removable for eating and tooth brushing so, the patient can eat whatever they want and can effectively clean their teeth. Let our doctor evaluate your mouth for orthodontic treatment and see how good your smile can look.

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