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The best course of treatment is the one that is administered early enough to achieve successful results as easily as possible, which is why we at Davis Family Orthodontics suggest that you bring your child in for an evaluation by age 7, and even earlier than that if there are reasons for you to be concerned about any potential tooth positioning or jaw alignment issue.

Early treatment is also called interceptive orthodontics or phase I treatment, which sets it apart from phase II treatment, occurring around the time of 12 to 14 years of age. Effective phase I treatment by our kids orthodontist Willow Wind tends to reduce the need for phase II treatment. It may not mean none at all, but it is very likely to be less time-consuming and less expensive. And any time teenagers can spend less time wearing braces, they are going to be a lot happier. Some of the positive things that can come out of early treatment is saving room for teeth that have yet to grow in, and guiding jaw development. It’s unfortunate, but the transition from baby teeth to adult teeth does not always run as smoothly as would be ideal. If you’re wondering what some of the signs are that your child may need early treatment from our kids orthodontist in Willow Wind, among them are breathing through the mouth, finger or thumb sucking, tooth crowding, chewing difficulties, misplaced teeth, losing baby teeth too quickly or conversely when they don’t fall out on their normal schedule, teeth blocked out, jaw shifting, or sounds such as popping or clicking when your child moves his or her jaw.

Contact our office and let us schedule an appointment for you to bring your child in for a visit with our kids orthodontist in Willow Wind. Evaluation and early treatment makes for a solid strategy for promoting well aligned teeth and jaws.

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