Kids Orthodontics

Kids orthodontics in Lawrenceville

Orthodontics can be used to rewrite the blueprint of a child’s mouth, especially if the dental science is applied at an early age. Kids orthodontics in Lawrenceville at Davis Family Orthodontics uses a two-phase approach to correcting malocclusions in children that offers advantages over the traditional one-shot method of doing all the orthodontic work at one time, which is usually later in adolescence after the jaw and teeth have already fully developed. The goal of the two-phase treatment approach is to maximize the opportunity to achieve healthy, functional and aesthetically pleasing results in a manner that is less invasive than using traditional treatments.

Kids orthodontics in Lawrenceville

The two-phase treatment used by kids orthodontics in Lawrenceville begins at an earlier age than the traditional approach. Our doctor recommends that all children should have their mouth and bite evaluated by age seven. If orthodontic treatment is needed our practice will begin the first phase of the treatment by age of 8 or 9 instead of age 11-12 in traditional orthodontic treatment. The aim of this first phase is to help the jaw develop to accommodate all the permanent teeth and improve the bite. Often young children show signs of bite problems, such as an upper jaw growing too much or too little. Our doctor will plan the treatment process and discuss all details of your child’s treatment with you. During this phase the growth pattern of the jaw will be adjusted to allow it to have sufficient room for the full complement of permanent teeth. Appliances may be used to help accomplish this. This will usually prevent or lessen the need for extracting teeth at a later age or even jaw surgery, which can be the consequence of starting orthodontic intervention at a later age.

After phase I has been completed the child will go through a resting period in which no further treatments are given and all the permanent teeth are allowed to erupt normally and given the freedom to move into whatever position they naturally take. Kids orthodontics in Lawrenceville will monitor this resting phase closely. Once all the permanent teeth have erupted phase II will commence to make sure that each tooth is in the exact location in the mouth relative to the other teeth, lips, tongue and cheeks. This phase usually involves the use of upper and lower braces and possibly other appliances. The use of these appliances is generally for a shorter period of time because of the work done in phase I, which helps in getting the needed cooperation of the now teenaged patients during phase II. Please get your child evaluated at an early age when orthodontics can help save tooth extractions and more invasive treatments later.

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