Kids Braces Loganville

When should your child should see the orthodontist in Loganville

Kids braces Loganville

Kids braces Loganville

Davis Family Orthodontics is a first rate dental office that offers kids braces Loganville and more. Early orthodontic treatment should start as soon as possible for best results. The American Association of Orthodontics recommends an initial evaluation be given no later than when kids turn 7. This way, dentists can begin to visualize the treatment path that will need to be taken. It is also a good way to detect problems early enough in order to treat effectively before problems get worse.

Interceptive orthodontics work to create room for crowded teeth, preserve space, and create facial symmetry by influencing jaw growth.This can help reduce the treatment time for braces. Besides kids braces Loganville, we also specialize in adult braces as well. Adults can very well have their teeth aligned even though they’re older. As long as the gum and bone structure is healthy, adults can get orthodontics. Call to find out more today. Our techniques reduce discomfort and allow for a shorter treatment time. We have metal braces, translucent braces and aligners, which are less visible and other options for patients. Also, ask about our promotions, which include a $109 monthly payment for braces, which is lower than the usual $139 a month price.

We offer special financing as well for braces, such as no down payment, low monthly payments and complimentary consultations. This includes an exam, x-rays and a treatment plan that is put in place for yours or your child’s dental care. We have 4 locations for kids braces Loganville, ones in Lawrenceville, Stone Mountain, Morrow and Loganville, GA. All of our locations are full service and easy to get to, with plenty of parking. We are also open a variety of easy and convenient hours for all of our patients so that everyone can have access to good eye care.

4132 Atlanta Highway • Suite 202
Loganville, GA 30052
(678) 552-4222

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