Braces in Stone Mountain

Kids Braces in Stone Mountain

For the best kids braces in Stone Mountain call Davis Family Orthodontics today. Early orthodontic treatment usually begins during the evaluation no later than age 7. It allows for greater and more effective treatment at a later age and intervention to prevent dental problems later on. Early orthodontics can be done at any one of our 4 locations in: Lawrenceville, Morrow, Stone Mountain and Loganville.

Early orthodontic treatment helps to create room for crowded teeth, makes space for teeth that haven’t erupted, and reduces treatment time. It also reduces the need for tooth removal. This is done for children, but we also provide braces for adults. We use a variety of techniques and appliances to reduce discomfort and shorten treatment time. As long as the gum and bone structure is healthy, adults can get orthodontics. Call to find out more today about kids braces in Stone Mountain. We now have a special running, which is $109 for braces for kids or adults, excluding Invisalign, which is a different type of aligner that uses clear plastic aligners to straighten teeth. Clear braces are plastic aligners that move teeth gently into position. Invisalign is one type of clear brace that is used for this purpose. They can also be taken out to clean teeth and for special occasions. These types of braces do not require spacers, brackets or any of the metal hardware such as the ones traditional braces use.

For kids braces in Stone Mountain and adult braces we can use traditional, metal braces, translucent braces and aligners, which are less visible and other options for patients. Also, ask about our promotions. We offer special financing and reasonable consultations. This includes an exam, x-rays and a treatment plan for dental care. All of our locations are full service and easy to get to. We have convenient hours, as well.

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