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Kids Braces in Stone Mountain

Early Orthodontic Treatment in Stone Mountain

Kids Braces in Stone Mountain

Kids Braces in Stone Mountain

At Davis Family Orthodontics, our kids braces in Stone Mountain start with a process called early orthodontic treatment. This helps us visualize what needs to be done first in the orthodontics process, because many kids are too young to have braces put on, yet need some form of orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics are there to treat malocclusions, a bad bite, crowded teeth or crooked teeth. Crooked teeth should be straightened because they are harder to keep clean and to get into the crevices for cleaning.

The optimal time to start early orthodontic treatment for kids braces in Stone Mountain is around age 7. An exam can help us figure out what plan of attack to use and at what time to start treatment, as well as map out the plan for braces when the child is older. Timely detection of oral problems as well as intervention allows for development of the teeth and prevention of serious oral problems at a later age. Early treatment helps with a variety of issues, including creating room for teeth that may be crowded or erupted, the creation of good facial symmetry by the influence of jaw growth and preventing later tooth removal. Protruding front teeth can also need space, and early orthodontics can help with that. It also helps with the treatment time for braces.

Besides kids braces in Stone Mountain, we also provide treatment for adults who need orthodontics. If the gum and bone structure of the mouth is healthy, the tooth’s alignment can be fixed at any age. Crooked teeth, a bad bite and poor mouth structure can all result in gum or bone loss, tooth decay or wear on the tooth’s surface enamel. It can also result in headaches and even TMJ, or jaw joint, pain. For more information it’s best to call our offices to speak to one of our friendly staff members.

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