Early Orthodontic Treatment

Kids Braces in Lawrenceville

Early Orthodontic Treatment in Lawrenceville

Kids Braces in Lawrenceville

Kids Braces in Lawrenceville

As more is learned about the children’s teeth and the effects that orthodontic care have on them, the accepted norms of the past have been altered. So instead of waiting until the teen years to get an orthodontic evaluation and any treatment that is necessary, it is now recommended that you bring your child in no later than age 7. Here at Davis Family Orthodontics, we want the best outcomes for your child. And that may require our kids braces in Lawrenceville.

There are benefits to getting a head starts on guiding the way that your child’s jaws are developing and how his or her adult teeth are erupting. Our kids braces in Lawrenceville promote more ideal positioning and alignment, as well as maintaining space for those teeth that have yet to grow in. Among the other positive aspects are in correcting thumb sucking, improving minor speech problems, regulating the width of the upper and lower archest, and avoiding tooth extractions later in adulthood. In addition to all of that, by having simpler treatment now, more complex ones in the teen years may be prevented entirely. At minimum, you should be able to expect that adolescence will bring with it fewer orthodontic problems, less time-consuming treatment, and less financial outlay. We suggest that you bring your child in for an evaluation regardless of any signs that she or he may or may not be showing. But if you notice indications like early or late loss of baby teeth, difficulties chewing, mouth breathing, sucking of thumbs or fingers, clicking of the jaws, crowded front teeth, misplaced teeth, or crowded teeth, you should not hesitate to seek an assessment for early orthodontic treatment.

Call us today and we will set up an appointment for your child to come to determine if our kids braces in Lawrenceville are applicable.

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