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Dental office in Lawrenceville

Dental office in Lawrenceville

Many people undergo orthodontic treatment to improve their overall dental health. Wearing braces is more than just about improving the appearance of your smile, though. In some cases, people need braces to improve their health as well. Here at our dental office in Lawrenceville, Davis Family Orthodontics, our orthodontist can help provide people with the braces that they need. We are also offering a special so that your treatment is more affordable than ever before.

Braces and other orthodontic tools are used to help gently guide teeth and their supporting structures into place. For some people, this is merely a cosmetic concern, whereas for other people, this may be a medically driven treatment. Braces are used to help straighten teeth and improve the overall appearance of smiles, but braces can also be used to help correct bite problems or severe malocclusions. Usually, more severe cases are taking on as early as possible, even during childhood. Many dentists will wait until a child has all their permanent teeth before implementing treatment, but some conditions may require interceptive orthodontics instead. This can help to reduce the risk of further complications while also reducing the need for more intensive oral surgery later on. Here at Davis Family Orthodontics we can provide children with the comprehensive care that they need to improve their overall dental health, and we even offer a special to make your treatment more affordable. Right now, we are offering free consultations for braces and a $109/month plan with no money down and 0% financing to make braces and orthodontic care more affordable than ever.

Investing in braces for children who need it is investing in the future of their dental health. If you are looking for a dental office in Lawrenceville that offers affordable braces for kids, then visit us here at Davis Family Orthodontics today.

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