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You can get fantastic results in terms of teeth alignment from either clear or traditional braces, so it pays to know the pros and cons of both. No one choice is right for everyone. Here at Davis Family Orthodontics, we’re pleased to offer both traditional braces and Invisalign clear aligners. Let us help you make your selection.

If you go back to the very beginnings of orthodontic care, you’ll find metal braces, even though they looked a lot different than our braces Lawrenceville. If you remember thick, heavy contraptions with lots of criss-crossing wires, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see a more lightweight and stylish appliance. Metal braces are still the most suitable of our braces Lawrenceville when it comes to addressing certain challenging cases. This is because adjustments are made frequently during the course of treatment, allowing our orthodontist to be proactive in dealing with difficulties. On the downside, you have to give up some food groups during treatment. Crunchy items are out because they could damage the braces. Sticky and chewy ones might get stuck in them. And some of our patients simply do not like to have their appearance changed. That’s where Invisalign comes in. The transparent aligners allow you to go through your normal routine without anyone knowing you have braces at all. There are no adjustments required. That’s because you wear a different set of aligners every two weeks, each calibrated perfectly to perform a specific function in the overall scheme. And they’re removable, so no food restrictions. Just take them out and enjoy all your favorites.

You may already know which of our braces in Lawrenceville you prefer, but you should first contact our office and arrange a time to come in for a consultation and examination. Get a professional evaluation as to which is most appropriate so that your decision is for not only the one you want, but the one you need.

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