Braces 30024

Clear Ceramic Braces in 30024

Braces 30024

Braces 30024

At Davis Family Orthodontics, we provide patients with braces 30024 of all types, from invisible to clear ceramic to traditional braces. Each type of orthodontics have their own benefits and drawbacks, and depend on the patient’s individual preference. Clear ceramic braces are the same as traditional braces, except their brackets are the same color as the teeth, or the brackets are clear. Ceramic braces are an optimal choice for patients because of their ability to blend easier into teeth than with traditional braces. Invisalign braces can be taken out, but take longer to straighten teeth. Most braces take the same amount of time, depending on level of alignment needed.

Ceramic braces are less visual than metal braces, yet quicker to align teeth than braces such as Invisalign. They are a good alternative for patients who do not wish to have the visibility of regular braces, but who want a quicker treatment time. The drawbacks to clear ceramic braces are that they are more expensive and can stain. Patients need to take care of them in order to maintain the whiteness and luster of them. Clear ceramic braces 30024 work the same as any other type of orthodontics.

Ceramic braces move teeth gently into place with the use of arch wires and brackets attached to each tooth. Brackets can be customized to be either blended in with the color of the tooth or completely translucent. Ceramic braces are made from materials that do not leach into the body in any way and are a safer kind of braces 30024. The drawbacks are that they can be more expensive and require more office visits. They may not be suitable for every patient because of their tendency to irritate tooth enamel. For more information on clear braces 30024, call Davis Family Orthodontics to find out how we can help you have straighter and healthier teeth today.

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