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30096 Orthodontist

30096 Orthodontist

Kids, teens, and adults can all benefit from the services that our practice offers. Here at Davis Family Orthodontics, our priority is to provide our valued patients with straighter, healthier teeth. And we do so while offering a choice of braces. That’s the commitment of our 30096 orthodontist to meeting your needs and preferences.

Imagine how good your smile will look when your teeth are aligned more perfectly. You’ll be proud to show it off. And as important as that is, it’s not the only reason for you to take advantage of orthodontic care. Crooked teeth are more difficult to floss between, leaving you unable to be as effective as you would like when it comes to ridding your mouth of dental plaque. Poorly positioned teeth are therefore more susceptible to tooth decay and the resulting cavities. In addition the odds of gum disease increase. Our 30096 orthodontist utilizes both traditional braces, made from metal; and Invisalign, made from clear plastic. Metal braces have evolved to become more lightweight, stylish, and comfortable. Meanwhile, Invisalign offers the ultimate in cosmetically pleasing braces. They’re virtually undetectable to the eye, so no one knows you have them on, unless you decide to tell them. Of course, what matters the most is that they work. Both types of braces give you the results you want, although metal braces may be better suited to some cases of particularly stubborn misalignment. Invisalign are removable, and you won’t risk any discomfort, what with its plastic design. Metal braces are best for patients who aren’t disciplined enough to keep removable Invisalign on their teeth when they’re supposed to. Our 30096 orthodontist will help you to decide which type of braces is best for you. And with experienced, expert attention, you can enjoy full confidence that the outcome in either case will be what you were hoping for.

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