30078 Adult Orthodontist

Orthodontic treatment for adults in 30078

30078 adult orthodontist

30078 adult orthodontist

It used to be very rare that you would see an adult wearing braces. Times have changed and now a growing number of adults are undergoing orthodontic treatment to improve their lives through a beautiful smile and healthier bite. Our 30078 adult orthodontist at Davis Family Orthodontics has a variety of orthodontic treatments to fix any adult’s smile.

Our 30078 adult orthodontist will conduct a comprehensive examination and evaluation of the patient’s mouth and teeth including advanced digital radiographs and imaging that will help show what the patient’s smile will look like when the treatment is finished. Details of each treatment option will be discussed in detail so the patient can make an informed decision. Most orthodontic treatments include the use of braces at some point. Traditional braces attach metal brackets to the teeth that are connected via metal arch wires that control the tension on the teeth. The tension is what causes the teeth to move into their proper position. Often elastics and other appliances are used to assist in moving the teeth. While traditional metal braces are extremely effective in straightening teeth and repairing malocclusions, many adults do not want the metal grill-look that comes with them. Our practice also offers clear ceramic braces, these “invisible” braces use clear or tooth-colored brackets and clear plastic arch wires making them very hard to detect.

Our 30078 adult orthodontist has an innovative orthodontic treatment that doesn’t use brackets or arch wires. The Invisalign system straightens teeth by using snug fitting clear plastic trays called aligners. Our doctor will send impressions and 3-D images to Invisalign who will custom fabricate a series of aligners for the patient. Each aligner will be worn for about two weeks and then be replaced by the next in the series until all the aligners have been used. There can be anywhere from 14- 48 aligners in the series depending on each patient’s needs. While the aligners are worn 24-hours a day they can be removed for meals and tooth brushing. Adult patients tend to favor aligners because they are virtual invisible. Call our office for a consultation and find out how orthodontics can fix your smile.

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