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30032 orthodontist

30032 orthodontist

There was a time when it was automatically assumed that a first trip to the 30032 orthodontist would occur no earlier than adolescence, but there are benefits to bringing your child in earlier than that; as young as age 7. But whether you are concerned about your younger child, your teeth, or yourself, we at Davis Family Orthodontics make it easy to determine a wise strategy that is effective and affordable.

When you come in for an orthodontic evaluation, it is an opportunity to find out what your needs are in terms of teeth and jaw alignment issues. Thats’ why our 30032 orthodontist provides a free consultation for you or your child. And if braces are required, we have a promotion right now where you can get braces for only $109 per month for new patients. This is for metal braces. Ask us about any details and exclusions, but and this offer is only available for a limited time period. It is just another way that our 30032 orthodontist shows a total commitment to helping our valued patients. In addition, we also have 0% financing available and no down payment. It’s never been simpler to get needed orthodontic treatment than it is right now. Certainly, there is a cosmetic factor in having properly aligned. But health is also a vital factor. When teeth are crooked or not positioned right, they are harder to floss between efficiently. This sets you or your child up for being more prone to tooth decay and gum disease. Jaws can also fall out of sync with each other, causing sounds and discomfort. On every level, it makes sense to get evaluated and experience the advantages of wearing braces.

Why wait? Our special promotion won’t be around forever. So call our office right now and schedule a consultation for yourself, your child, or both with our 30032 orthodontist.

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